Okay, who pushed them?

I wish this summer was eternal

Why are you So cute!?!?!?!?!?!?(=^owo^=)

Because i’m french

You think i’m lying?? well look at Jacky, he’s french and super cute. Now, two french that are also both cute??

Coincidence? i think not

i want a popsicle….;

i don't know if it is asked frecuently but there will be a senpai in your comic??

That’s funny you’re asking me that because yes there will be a senpai, i’m only telling you it won’t be the usual “senpai notice me!” “im too cool to notice you” kind of story and it will be pretty fun uwu

I’m going to update my comic every 1st and 15th of the month from now on, instead of posting 4 pages in two days and then nothing for three months

I’m not really sure if i’ll be able to keep up but i’ll do my best!!

I’ve posted two pages today, these are the updates for this month, see you in August for more Frenchy High School!!!

Remember volume 1 chapter 2?? :y

Haha when was the last time i posted a page??

Do you know how much i like Zurako??

While watching Tiger and Bunny i thought Lunatic kinda talked, moved and looked like Midousuji and then it turned out they both have the same voice actor (Kouji Yusa)

You might also want to know that Midousuji’s voice is also…