Happy Birthday!!! I hope that you have a wonderful day filled with everything you love!!:D


My day was awesome and i hope yours was too!!!!

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Gintama au for my birhtday yeaaaaa

Happy birthday to myself!!

Kinda early but I’m not going to be near my laptop for a few days so I’m going to leave this here~

Joyeux anniversaire, Lee!! <3!! 

I will send you the finished one later! 

Oh my gosh!!!!!!

Thank you so much!!! ;u;

It looks super great i’m so happy!!! merciiiiii!!

Have you posted a selfie? If not, can you? 🌻


I forgot i drew that

I have a terrible memory but sometimes it turns out well

So what happened to akira? Do you still have him?
» eyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

The Sakamichi Diaries:

How to Care for your Iguana

Although I went around and hung up posters about finding a lost iguana, I haven’t received any phone calls about him. It kinda makes me sad!! I mean Akira obviously had an owner if he had a caller on but no one is claiming him :c I mean sure he can be mean and all….but he’s a good boy! I think he just needs so proper love and attention uwu. It’s kinda hard getting the stuff I need for him (since I’m keeping him until his owner comes around), even though I looked up stuff online. And I couldn’t bring myself to buy a cage for him, it makes me sad to think about Akira having to be stuck in there while I’m out :c But!! I’ve set up a little play area for him in my yard so he doesn’t get bored. Oh and I’m having a ton of fun making meals for Akira! It’s so much fun to arrange the fruits and veggies in cute patterns and scenes for him, though he tends to just face plant it once I give him it… But I really think Akira is adjusting well to living with me ;w; He doesn’t crawl and scratch at me much anymore and! he ends up sleeping next to be a bunch!!! :D who knew iguanas liked to cuddle?? I haven’t been able to really hang out with Midousuji much since I got Akira (it’s been crazy getting him settled in) and I wonder how they’ll get only… I’m sure they’ll become great friends too! And we can all be best friends together :D


Hi there. I noticed that you've been getting a whole lot of angry (and often extremely rude) anons. I just wanted to drop a note and let you know that I love your art, and I fully realize that any harm you caused was completely unintentional. A lot of the problems come from the fact that not every trans person thinks the same. Different trans people & trans communities have different opinions so it's natural to be confused. As long as you stay humble & open-minded, everything will be alright. <3

Thank you very much, i feel better just reading that, you’re really nice and i’m glad you like my art! Have a wonderful day uvu