hermajesty made magnets out of my pixels for me so i drew her a Makishima uvu



I didn't expect you to actually draw that but it's amazing and I'm on anon instead of commenting on the actual picture because I'm a dumb and I'm rambling so I'm gonna shut up and go away now sorry

Shh friend it’s fine, you can stay on anon if you feel more comfortable this way uvu

And don’t shut up let the world hear your voice, go to a cliff by the sea and scream something like “TACOS ARE NEAT”

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Just imagine Cereal!You helping Cat!Anon in school. Okay now stop imagining it. Or keep imagining it, it doesn't matter. I'm rambling I'm going to shut up now.


At least they try to help

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Who did that to you Zura????

So i can smooch them

(=^ono^=) I'm soooooooo sorry I didn't tell you happy birthday just a lot stuff with school was going on so happy late birthday!

Ahhh thank you so much!!!! it’s fine i’m really happy to read this message! ;u;

And school sucks but you can do it!

Do i only draw Katsura? yes no

..yes, no.


I tried a cotton-candy palette for our space baka

Fabulous hair combo

Literally everyday since a while i think “i’m gonna finish this homework and then i can draw” but then it’s like midnight and i’m too tired to draw

But i’ll be back very soon!!

…..or maybe not