Pixel : 3€ per pixel


  • No nsfw
  • It can be you/an OC/a favorite character
  • Complete this and send it in a mail to :

Your name:

reference photo/image:


extra notes:

(Title your email “(your name)’s commission”)

  • Once i’ve confirmed your commission, you can send payment via PAYPAL only! Choose EUR - Euros currency! (still at the adress)
  • Do not send payment before i have confirmed your order!
  • I will draw your commission as soon as possible, it can take time but i’ll keep you in touch!
  • Any questions?? message me!

Thank you for helping and please spread the world!! ヽ(゜∇゜)ノ


Hello! i’m reblogging this post because i currently have money problems, i’m not receiving scholarship during summer holidays and i have to use the little money i keep for groceries for medical costs (i just have back problems). It would be really helpful if you could commission me, and if you can’t afford it, please at least reblog this post! Thank you very much!!!



I couldn’t find Gintama pixels for my pixel family so i made some :v

(Yeah you can use them)

Edit: I fixed the transparent background!

and might i add that you too are pretty. i mean uh kimo kimo kimo

Don’t say silly things bae /w\

That drawing is stunning and magnificent and hhoh my god it's so pretty

Thank you so much ;u;

My dad published a little book, La Petite Vieille De Tronçais, and i decided to draw my favorite part uwu

Two of my ocs, Lee and Leah Cooper in a Gintama au so i could draw them in a yukata/kimono/carpenter outfit


Friday, July 25th - Draw/Doodle another person’s OC!

So I asked theweetosdoesart if I could draw some of their OCs and I did Finnian and Nima but I forgot to ask their genders. That’s why I tried to draw them as neutral as possible but I think I failed OTL

Sorry, Lee!

And  their hair is a mess!


It’s so great and perfect they look so cute!!! ;u;

Thank you so much and don’t worry about their genders, they actually both identify as boys uvu

Thank you again i love it!!

I ship you with Jacky ;)

Okay, who pushed them?

I wish this summer was eternal